Privacy Policy


This privacy policy tells you how PNM-Holding Group collects, handles, and disclose personal information. Please read the caption carefully at the beginning of your customer relationship as well as before using our services or browsing our website.


1. Controller

In accordance with applicable data protection law, PNM-Holding Oy (hereinafter referred to as the "PNM", or "we") and its affiliates, are acting as the data controller. PNM-Holding Oy is responsible for ensuring that your personal information is treated in accordance with this privacy policy statement and applicable data protection laws.

PNM-Holding Ltd
Address: Päiväläisentie 2, 00390 Helsinki

2. Contact

In matters concerning registers of personal data, please contact PNM-Holding Ltd:

Phone: +358 (0)20 755 8468
Address: Päiväläisentie 2, 00390 Helsinki


3. Basis for processing personal data

Your personal information may be collected in various ways. In general, we collect and handle personal information which

  • you have given us when contacting or dealing with us, e.g. when buying our products our services, ordering our newsletter or contacting us requesting an offer or information or any kind
  • are formed when you visit our webpage.

Personal data is divided into two main categories: PNM’s customer information and vendor information.

PNM does not process personal data for any other purpose than that of what laws and regulations allow, and only to the extent that it is necessary for our business in terms of customer relations management and proper exercise, for commercial purposes.


4. The personal data processed

We collect and process for example the following typical personal information:

  • basic information, such as your name, job title and your relationship to the company you represent as well as contact information (email, address and telephone number)
  • information relating to the customer relationship, such as the service and order information, payment information, billing information, marketing permissions and prohibitions
  • customer contacts and the exchange of letters relating thereto, as well as the rights of the data subjects
  • and other case-by-case specific personal information which you give us with your consent.


5. Storage time

We retain the personal information for a period of the contractual relationship, up to 5 years after the end of the contractual relationship.


6. Disclosure of personal data

We may disclose your personal information to other companies belonging to the PNM-Holding Group whenever the disclosure it is permitted by applicable law.

We may also disclose personal information to third parties, to the extent permitted or demanded by law whenever we’ve authorised our partners to handle your personal data for us and according to our instructions. We will always ensure the proper handling of your personal information; whenever involved in a merger, business arrangement or the sale of the entire business or part of it; whenever the disclosure is, based our judgement, required in order to implement our rights, to protect the safety of you or others, or to respond to a request for the examination of the abuse of authority; and with your consent to any other parties, which relates to you.


7. The use and protection of personal data

Your personal information will be handled only by PNM-Holding Group and its affiliates, and the staff belonging to the third parties referred to in paragraph 6, which is responsible for the fulfilment of a cooperation agreement. The control of user rights is undertaken with a role-based user management process, in which each employee is given user rights that fit the employer’s duties and job roles.

All personal data is only accessible to those employees possessing a personal user name and password, and possibly also additional detection methods.


8. The rights of the data subject

According to the existing legislation on data protection, the personal information collected form a register to which the person registered has certain rights according to applicable law. These rights include the right to access the personal data (right to review), right to demand the data is corrected, removed or its use restricted.

In case you wish to use your statutory rights, please contact the PNM’s data controller. (Please view point 2 for appropriate contact reference).


9. Contact

In all matters concerning the processing of personal data relating to this privacy policy, please contact PNM’s data controller at