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Efficient project management and direct contacts to all retailers in Finland and in the Nordics. One contact keeps you up-to-date on the sales and marketing activities of your brand.

Our experienced Key Account Managers are responsible for planning and implementing successful product launches on the Nordic retail market.

  • We are the main contact persons for our principles and responsible for providing excellent services to our partners.
  • We develop and implement solid business plans based on professional market insights.
  • We coordinate all sales and marketing activities and keep you up-to-date on the results.
  • We operate centrally with the main retailers in Finland and locally through our effective telephone sales and merchandisers.
  • We work both with brands willing to enter the market for the first time as well as with already established brands.

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Activating brands and products in the Nordic market, creating and implementing successful marketing strategies and campaigns with the brand owner.

Our marketing services can be tailored for you needs. We offer everything from total brand management and marketing planning to in-store promotions and social media community management.

Our deep understanding of markets and customer behavior helps us to identify new business opportunities for you. Through rich content and storytelling, we’ll help you to increase customer loyalty and engagement.


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Let consumers try your new exciting products – we build memorable brand experiences and touchpoints for your brand.


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Availability and visibility of the products is a key to success. Maximize the impact of your brand in-store.


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An efficient way to reach the store level decision makers nationwide and to ensure
your products’ on-shelf availability.


Foodbrands Nordic Logistic Services and Warehouse Coldstore.png


Our 3000 square meter warehouse is located next to our office in Konala, Helsinki. The warehouse contains cold store, frozen, dry and terminal space for over 1400 pallets. The perfect location near the harbor gives us an logistic advantage.

We are specialized in temperature-controlled food logistics that includes distribution of frozen and refrigerated products. Years of experience in logistics has expanded our network and contacts all around Finland and countries nearby. We use partly our own and partly partners’ vehicles versatility.





Planning to enter the Nordic retail market? We are happy to tell you more about our services. Contact us and let's discuss more!